Top 5 coworking spaces Newcastle

Newcastle upon Tyne has long been one of the powerhouses in the North of the UK. It is a fantastic city with a vibrant and diverse community.

Coworking spaces in Newcastle and other flexible office space have begun popping up in huge numbers over the past few years. The coworking revolution has reached the North.

So, now there are a few spaces to choose from in Newcastle, which ones are the best and why? That’s where we come in, listed below you’ll find the top coworking spaces in Newcastle and why they’re our favourites.

If you’ve never heard of coworking before then be sure to check out our what is coworking guide. Or you can read about some of the greatest benefits of coworking here.

Right, let’s get into it, what are the top coworking spaces in Newcastle.

Best coworking spaces Newcastle

  1. Regus, Merchant House
  2. Royal Quays coworking
  3. Toffee Factory, Newcastle
  4. Racquets Court
  5. Colleagues on Tap, Newcastle

1. Merchant House

You’ve probably heard of Regus before, they are one of the top coworking companies in terms of size. They have thousands of coworking spaces in cities all across the world. 

Regus spaces are often extremely professional and formal, much like traditional office space. The difference being that Regus offer shared offices and coworking space, which both provide an insane amount of benefits over traditional office space.

Regus’ Merchant House location is a large space with over 40 private offices, 15 coworking desks and 2 shared meeting rooms.

The space is located right in the centre of Newcastle with great access to shops, bars, restaurants and the metro.

Merchant House has many great amenities including 24/7 access, break-out areas, a business lounge and a videoconferencing studio. It is a newly built office with great infrastructure.

Membership options:

Regus offer two main types of membership at Merchant House. 

First, office space membership, equivalent to a private office it starts at £140/month per person. Second, coworking membership, includes either a dedicated desk or there are hot desking options if that is what you prefer. The coworking membership starts at £140/month.

2. Royal Quays Coworking

Royal Quays coworking is another great coworking space in Newcastle. It provides a professional environment with a whole host of great amenities to help you get the most out of your time spent in the office.

The offices are open plan and free-flowing, allowing a more social and collaborative environment. You won’t feel boxed in. 

There are some great amenities included at Royal Quays. These include free parking, an on-site gym and showers, a kitchenette, superfast broadband, 24/7 access, smart meeting rooms to impress clients or business partners, and much much more.

With all these great amenities you’d expect Royal Quays to be expensive, on the contrary, it offers some great value membership options, let’s check them out.

Membership options:

There are three options available for prospective members. Per-day hire, part-time, and full-time.

Per-day coworking is priced at £15/day. Part-time depends on how many days a month you’d like to work. Finally, a full-time membership includes access to all amenities and costs £100/month.

3. Toffee Factory

The toffee factory is another option for coworking in Newcastle. They offer shared offices and coworking space, along with virtual offices.

The Toffee Factory is a very small location with only 8 coworking workspaces so it is great for small teams. With such a small community you can be sure that there’ll be great social interaction and opportunities for networking.

Since it is such a small location, the amenities are limited. However, the workstations are set up to a high standard, and there are meetings rooms and communal spaces within the building that can be used for free.

If you’re looking for an intimate location for you and your team then the Toffee Factory could be the right place for you.

Membership options:

The Toffee Factory offer a dedicated desk style membership for individuals or small teams for around £10/day. They also offer a virtual office membership, where they provide a professional business address and a telephone answering system for your business.

4. Racquets court

Racquets court is our fourth top coworking space in Newcastle. It is a professional-looking space with large open plan areas and chic decor.

Racquets court coworking space is located right in the centre of Newcastle. Within a few minutes of many restaurants, bars and shops.

Within the space, there are plenty of amenities. These include meeting rooms, unlimited refreshments, lockers, showers, breakout rooms, a fully equipped kitchenette, 24/7 access and secure bike storage.

They also have a 2 person private office available for hire on a daily basis. This has access to a rooftop terrace and a private meeting room, perfect for entertaining clients or a new business partner.

Membership options:

Racquets court offer three hot desking options. There are options of 1 day a month (£24/month), 4 days a month (£90/month), 8 days a month (£175/month).

Racquets court also offer other dedicated desks and other kinds of flexible office space.

5. Colleagues on tap

Colleagues on tap is a unique coworking space as it pops up from time to time as a temporary coworking location. 

It is an event that runs across the North East every month. A coworking space opens up in a random location once a month, allowing workers who work from home to experience the benefits of coworking.

The coworking days provide a friendly, informal environment for workers to meet new people, enjoy working in a group, and being highly productive at the same time. It can get lonely working from home, so spending a day a month surrounded by like-minded individuals is a great idea.

Top coworking space Newcastle

The coworking scene in Newcastle has been growing for a long time and it has become one of the coworking hubs of the UK.

If you haven’t tried coworking before you should definitely give it a go. It will change your working life.