Top 5 coolest coworking spaces in London

Coworking space in London has been on the rise for a long time. In fact London is the fastest growing city in the world for coworking space, with a new space opening every 5 days on average!

As the demand for coworking spaces grows, it is becoming more important for the spaces to distinguish themselves from each other. This explains why we are seeing some extraordinary coworking spaces being designed in the most unique ways.

This can be seen through their innovative architecture, equipping their space with the very latest technologically advanced and sophisticated amenities, or having state of the art spa and treatment facilities on site. 

London is the hub of coworking in the UK, so it’s no surprise that the majority of these new spaces are popping up there. If you’re not totally sure what coworking is, check out our guide to coworking for a simple explanation.

So, bearing all this in mind, we have found for you the 5 most extraordinary coworking spaces in London. In no particular order let’s dive straight in…

Our 5 coolest coworking spaces London

  1. Pavilion, Kensington
  2. Tobacco Dock Workspaces, Shoreditch
  3. WeWork, The Monument, Billingsgate
  4. Huckletree
  5. Soho Works, Shoreditch, White city

1. Pavilion, Kensington

Pavillion is a beautiful, state of the art, professional working space that boasts both luxury and exclusivity.

Now, with two coworking spaces, one in the City and one in Kensington, Pavilion has thought of every last detail to ensure their members are provided with the most sophisticated working environment.

Pavilion’s coworking spaces in London offer hot desks, private work pods, private offices, high-spec one-person offices and the most exclusive, a penthouse office suite.

Pavilion definitely provides its members with a huge range of fantastic facilities in order for them to work productively, entertain clients and host meetings. 

Unique Amenities: luxurious lounges, high-spec workspaces, state of the art gym, phone answering and mail sorting 

Pavilion, Kensington prices:

Hot desk – £275/month

Private office – £1,200/month

2. Tobacco Dock Workspaces, Shoreditch 

The Dock offers the classic combination of hot desks, private offices and meeting suites.

The atmospheric space offers a flexible, stylish and rustic environment, encouraging individuals to feel relaxed and inspired in the workplace.

It is located in a charming and historic grade I listed building. Situated in the heart of London’s Tobacco Dock, one of the City’s most vibrant and creative arts and events hubs.

Furthermore, members of The Dock are offered pre-sale tickets and invitations to the latest gigs and events. An added bonus on top of their already excellent community-focused facilities and space.

Unique Amenities: presale tickets and invitations to local events, two onsite bars (one of which is a rooftop bar)

Tobacco Dock Workspaces, Shoreditch prices:

Hot desk – £20/day

Dedicated desk – £250/month 

3. WeWork, The Monument, Billingsgate

Yet another excellent coworking facility is The Monument, it is one of WeWork’s flagship locations around the world.

If you don’t know who WeWork are, check out our top coworking companies page. The Company provides a huge number of coworking spaces across the world and as of 2018 managed over 4 million square meters of space.

All of their coworking spaces boast extensive facilities, with most amenities included as standard. Because of this, it is hard to pick one as our favourite. 

However, The Monument stands out from its sibling WeWork spaces, as it has a vast number of additional amenities unique to its location.

Some of these outstanding amenities include the space being dog friendly, alfresco spaces for coffee, meetings and yoga, its own espresso bar and barista and much more. These generate an even more seamless and sophisticated working environment for members. What more could you want?

Unique Amenities: espresso bar, dog friendly, mothers room and a wellness room

WeWork, The Monument, Billingsgate prices:

Hot Desk – £450/month 

Private Office – starting at £900/month

4. Huckletree, Various London Locations

Huckletree is another remarkable organisation who have mastered the art of creating coworking spaces, with an extensive understanding of the needs and wants of its members.

Huckletree is all about flexibility, allowing their members to adapt their working spaces and time frames in a way that best suits them or their team. 

Their membership ranges from their ‘Light’ membership (10 days/month) to unlimited monthly access, to a residency. Not only this, but they also offer private meeting rooms which can be booked by the hour, providing a great location to host a work meeting.

Huckletree not only boasts flexibility but style too, with its effortless yet charismatic layout and design boosting members productivity and creativity.

Huckletree have a number of coworking spaces in London, however, our favourite has to be their West location. Located nearby the White City underground station it is a space dedicated to inspiring creativity and innovation.

Unique Amenities: flexible booking options, basketball and squash courts, urban garden, podcasting booth, meditation yurt

Huckletree prices:

Meeting Room – £35/hour 

Hot desk memberships: light – £250/month, unlimited – £350/month, residency – £420/month

Private office/suite – starting at £500/month

5. Soho Works, Shoredtich and White City 

From the members club Soho House, Soho Works is the latest extension of the extremely stylish brand, entering the coworking space London market.

Soho House founder, Nick Jones, noticed many of its members began working at its clubs, so decided to create dedicated workspaces for them.

The first Soho Works location was in the same building as Dumbo House (one of its member’s clubs in Brooklyn). Soho Works offer three types of membership, lounge (hot desks), desk (dedicated desks) and office (private offices and suites). Anyone can apply to join, however, Soho House members get priority.

The great thing is, with your membership, you can access any of Soho Works locations across the world. This includes coworking spaces in London, New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong, with more locations opening soon!

Soho Works encapsulates the exact same elegance that we see in each and every Soho House location worldwide. They have used the same in-house design team in order to create a flawlessly exquisite ambience in which functionality is mixed with a hint of 1970’s glamour.

With more London locations on the horizon and many more globally, freelancers will be flocking to the brands very own work haven.

Unique Amenities: 3D printers, library, photography studio, outdoor terrace, podcast booths

Soho Works membership prices:

Lounge/hot desk – £400/month 

Desk/dedicated desk – £550/month

Office/private office – starting from £900/month

Top coworking space London

London has long been the main coworking hub of the UK. It is the fastest-growing city in the world for coworking space. With a new space opening every 5 days on average, that’s crazy!

With hundreds of fantastic spaces to choose from, we think this list finds the best of the best. Showing us how unique and extraordinary some of these coworking spaces in London really are.

The quality of the workspaces and the huge amount of intriguing amenities makes us want to try them all.