What is hot desking? And how does it work?

Hot desking – you might have heard of it but you’re not 100% sure exactly what it is and how it works. Not to worry! In this article we’ll check out what hot desking is, who it’s for and other things to consider before getting started.

If you’re just getting started in the coworking space, you’ll need to know what hot desking is and how it works.

Let’s dive straight in.

What is hot desking?

Hot desking refers to workspace which freelancers and employees share on a daily basis. You can rent hot desks out on a short term basis. With these desks, you take your work and belongings with you at the end of the day.

Hot desks are not allocated. They typically work on a first come first served basis and you can pick your own desk when you get to your coworking space.

Hot desks work very similarly to traditional libraries, you turn up, find a free desk and get on with your work.

Hot desks are available in both shared and private office formats making them incredibly flexible and versatile for workers of all types.

Who is hot desking for?

Hot desks are ideal for workers who move around on a regular basis or don’t need space for a long period of time. Typically freelancers and employees who want an alternative to working from home want to rent out hot desks.

Having said that, literally anyone can use hot desks. From freelancers to entrepreneurs to employees working remotely for large companies, hot desks are well suited to everyone.

For freelancers, hot desks are brilliant for the collaboration and shared environment that coworking spaces offer. Meeting future clients, business partners and other professionals is incredibly easy.

Working from home can be incredibly isolating for freelancers which makes using hot desks a brilliant idea.

In terms of large employers, renting hot desks is far more cost-effective than traditional office space and provides employees with a great opportunity to network.

Benefits of hot desking

  • Diverse community
  • Plug in and get to work
  • The most flexible type of office space
  • Maintained and cleaned

Great community

Hot desks generally offer a great community and shared working environment. These are brilliant for sharing ideas and thoughts with other employees or freelancers sitting around a shared workspace.

The community is always changing so you’re going to meet new people all the time.

Start-ups are often great fans of shared environments and hot desking as they can meet new people on a regular basis.

Plug in and get to work

One of the great things about hot desks is that they have all you need to get started with your work. They typically have their own power sources and a strong WiFi connection.

Some hot desk environments also have access to phone booths you can use to make phone calls in privacy. Printing facilities are often included as well.

For the majority of workers using hot desks, they’ll be working on their personal laptops. Having a second screen can make your life easy and increase your productivity no end. This is why some hot desk offices even offer external monitors. 

In many hot working environments, you’ll have access to meeting rooms, conference rooms and communal kitchens. This is perfect for people who need flexible access at a moment’s notice to these sorts of amenities.

Maintained and cleaned

Most hot desking environments employ cleaning staff to keep the hot desks in tip-top condition. Office spaces are cleaned, stocked and maintained by office management.

What about sensitive information?

With hot desks working in such a sharing environment, you might be wondering what happens when you need to discuss sensitive topics such as finances or planning.

This is an important consideration for many hot desk users. As I mentioned earlier, most coworking spaces offer private rooms and phone booths for taking calls etc.

Where can you rent hot desks?

Hot desks are available to rent at the majority of coworking locations. In fact, most coworking spaces split their space into different sections to cater for a wide range of different employee and freelancer needs.

Hot desks or dedicated desks?

As opposed to hot desks, dedicated desks are available for longer periods of time. Workers generally rent these desks out on a more permanent basis. You’re able to leave your work and belongings at the desk overnight.

Hot desks are more like library space, a less permanent environment with a lot of different people coming and going. People may only use these spaces for a couple of hours at a time.

Large corporations and start-ups generally use more permanent office desks and space.

Which should I go for?

Only you can answer this question. It really depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a more permanent desk space, dedicated desks are more suited to you.

However, if you want something that will cost you less, allow you more flexibility and allow you to meet new people, then hot desks are your best option. The flexible nature means there’s always new faces among the crowd.

Get started with hot desking today.