Top 5 Coworking Spaces for Women in the UK

In 2020, statistics have shown that women still earn less than men, with every woman earning 81 cents compared to every dollar a man makes. 

Whilst this figure, and issues surrounding the gender pay gap, are being lessened and thus, slowly eliminated, It is still important to continue highlighting these issues. 

Many women today are still made to feel inferior and intimidated by men. In 2017, a survey found that 42% of women said they had experienced gender discrimination at work. 

This promotes the need for female-only environments where women feel safe and empowered. Therefore, it may come as no surprise that coworking spaces and members clubs for women are on the rise in 2020. 

Female coworking spaces offer women the ability to feel empowered, inspired and confident. In such environments, modern women are able to thrive, whether that involves growing their businesses, networking with other like-minded women, or being part of a friendly and professional community. 

Whilst this concept may not be for everyone, it is certainly proving popular as we are beginning to see coworking spaces for women pop up all around the UK.

1. AllBright, Mayfair – London

AllBright is a fabulously inspiring members club, offering coworking spaces and many other exciting facilities, exclusively for women.

AllBright focuses on empowering and encouraging women to connect, create and collaborate with each other. Networking and socialising are at the heart of the club with an emphasis on intimate events and community-focused workshops and book clubs etc. 

Membership gives you access to all of their locations including their flagship London space in Mayfair and their club across the pond in West Hollywood.

There are also several other spaces around the world. All locations boast stunning interiors and extensive specialised facilities enabling members to thrive.

Unique amenities: beauty salon, fitness studio, childcare, members dinners/ workshops/ panels

Standard Membership: £1,300/year (+ £300 registration fee) 

2. The Wing, Fitzrovia – London

The Wing is a multi-purpose coworking and community space for women. It offers its members the ability to gather to work, network and take part in specialized programmes and clubs.

The Wing is committed to the professional, civic, social and economic advancement of women through its wonderful community. It is a beautiful work haven in which women are inspired and encouraged to better themselves, ‘because we are tired of women having to do it on their own.’ 

There are also a huge number of specialized facilities including a robust calendar of events, stunning workspaces, cosy corners and an in-house cafe serving the best smoked salmon and smashed avocado.

However, what really makes The Wing stand out is not only its community feel but the element of friendship. This bonding over shared experience gives women the support they need so they do not have to overcome obstacles alone.

Unfortunately, there is a long waiting list to join if you want a membership here, however, it sure looks like it’d be worth the wait.

Unique amenities: Pump room, beauty rooms, showers with slippers/robes, women-focused library, podcast (No Man’s Land) 

Monthly membership: £170

Annual membership: £1900

Blooming Founders, Shoreditch – London

Blooming Founders is a unique space and ecosystem for women to feel empowered.  The brand specializes in entrepreneurship and female founders and works to give them the best opportunities, education and networking abilities to succeed in their businesses. 

Whilst not a traditional coworking space, Blooming Founders offers education and support to female new business owners, helping them get on their feet and find a customer base.

With the specialized products and services they offer to their members, Blooming Founders aim at creating the best environment in which its members will hopefully be able to build profitable businesses.

Some of the brands specialized services include hosting events, competitions or programmes for its member’s businesses, providing an audience consisting mostly of Blooming Founders members. These events are a fabulous place for networking, socialising and learning.

Blooming Founders is not just your typical coworking space, rather, it is a place where women come to learn, network and facilitate the growth of their business. What’s more, they have flexible membership options for the modern-day woman.

Unique amenities: herbal tea on tap, largely flexible membership options, professional education and training

What they offer: interns to help you build out your business from £125 a month, a virtual office with a central London address at £15 a month, hosting of your events

The WW (women who) club – Online

Given that it is online, the Women Who club is very different from the coworking spaces above. However, it was created for the same reasons, to create a supportive and inspirational community for working women.

The club produces a newsletter and a podcast to keep members up to date with the latest info and news on all things WW (women who), providing them with ideas and inspiration and generally some great women-only entertainment.

The club is aimed at providing Women with the tools and knowledge they need get where they want to be and succeed in todays working environment.

There are events and workshops too so you’ll be able to meet your fellow Women Who in real life. One great benefit to being solely online is there’s no waitlist to get a space.

The great thing with The WW club is that there is no membership cost. You can sign up for the newsletter and listen to their podcasts and join the wonderful community right now for free.

The Coven Girl Gang – Online

The Coven is also slightly different from your classic coworking/members club, in fact, The Coven is solely an online community for female founders and freelancers.

Instead of focusing on coworking spaces for their members, The Coven has created a support and coaching network for new and current entrepreneurs in order for them to start, grow and make a profit from their businesses.

So, no matter whether you are in the city, the countryside or the other side of the world, The Coven is always available.

Membership involves specialised business coaches tailored to you and your business, to ensure you make the most out of your business development. Membership starts from as little as £15 per month with The Coven also offering Non-Profit Organisations and Charities free membership.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that this fabulous female community is hugely popular with over 2,500 women on its waiting list alone.

Unique Services: Job board for those in need of and looking for work, professional business coaching, podcast (The Witching Hour) 

Tier One Membership: £18/month 

Tier Two Membership: £35/month 


All in all, there are a growing number of fantastic female-focused coworking spaces and members clubs in the UK that all have unique elements.

Therefore, it is for you to decide which of these elements suit you best in order for you to be able to reach your goals. Whilst we have only covered a small amount, hopefully, this article gives you more of an understanding of what is out there.