Top 5 coolest coworking spaces in the UK

Coworking spaces are known for their modern approach to office design. Before opening their doors, the spaces are often completely renovated, taking advantage of the latest knowledge in office design and ensuring that the workers are provided with the best environment to be ultra-productive.

Coworking spaces need people to love their space so that they keep coming back. They try to win workers over with the amazing design and feel of the space. Creating the perfect environment in which individuals can enjoy their time spent in the office.

This competition to be popular, novel and interesting with workers has led to some of the most unique and inspirational workspaces ever seen. With uncommon amenities and contemporarily designed spaces, you’ll be intrigued by some of these spaces.

So, let’s take a look at some of them and find out why they’re so special. In no particular order here are some of the top coworking spaces in the UK.

Top 5 coolest coworking spaces in the UK

  1. Second Home – Holland Park, London
  2. Summit House – London
  3. DeskLodge – Basingstoke
  4. Makeversity – Somerset House, London
  5. Uncommon – Liverpool Street, London

Second Home, Holland Park, London


The first space we’re going to look at is located in Holland Park, London. The reason it’s on this list is because of its unique design.

Second Home has created an oasis for their workers to work in. Making use of plants, trees and natural light to make workers feel like they’re surrounded by nature.

Plants have long been known to increase morale and be good for productivity. They also increase the oxygen concentration in the air, allowing workers to breathe a little easier.

Second Home offers some great amenities. These include cultural events, a wellness programme, an on-site cafe, event space and meeting rooms.

The main attraction for this wonderful coworking space is the creative interior, using a wealth of colours and fantastic furniture.

Membership options:

Flex studio membership and studio membership, both of which provide a dedicated private office for teams starting from £650/month.

Resident membership, similar to dedicated desk space, starting from £575/month.

Finally, they also offer a 20-day pass bundle. This gives you access to 20 days of hot desking at the space over a 3 month period and costs £395.

Overall, Second Home is a wonderful coworking space with an intriguing and inspirational environment, I’d love to try this one out myself.

Summit House, London 


Our second space is Summit House again in London. Designed with aesthetics in mind it looks like an amazing place to work from.

Summit House is full of wonderful furniture and beautiful flooring providing a great space to host your next business meeting, your clients will be highly impressed. The space looks absolutely fantastic, they really went to work on the interior design here.

Summit House also includes a recharge room and a rooftop garden, for relaxing and meditating, great to unwind during a stressful day. There is bike storage and showers for those who like to cycle into work.

There are also phone booths for making private calls and focus booths where you can step out of the bustle of the office space and really concentrate on something.

Membership options:

Summit House offers three types of membership. Private offices (from £625/month), hot desk membership (from £425/month) and lounge membership (from £125/month).

DeskLodge, Basingstoke


DeskLodge in Basingstoke is an awesome office space. It has a playful theme that’s all about enjoying your time spent in the office. It is the perfect space if you work well in a light-hearted informal environment.

Those who prefer a more serious and traditional environment, however, should probably steer clear of this location. With areas themed as restaurants, the beach, ships, and a forest it really offers a unique perspective on office space.

Amenities include phone booths (one of which is designed like the tardis), meeting rooms, kitchenettes and much more.

Membership options:

DeskLodge offers membership options by way of the traditional coworking space types. They have hot desks, dedicated desks and private offices.

With hot desking, you can get a day pass for £20, an 8-day pass for £95, or an unlimited pass for £150/month. Dedicated desks come in at a monthly cost of £200. Finally, private offices at DeskLodge start at £250 a month.

Makeversity, Somerset House


Makeversity is a new company and their first space in Somerset house is aimed at a niche market. It offers workshop space for carpenters, graphic designers, artists and many more. Their space in Somerset house can accommodate over 350 coworkers.

The aim of Makeversity is to provide a central location for those creative individuals who need a space where they can design, build and make their products.

Since their offering is so niched the community is full of highly creative and technical individuals. There are individuals skilled in design, manufacturing, production and much more. If you need help in any area of product design or manufacturing you can be sure someone will have expertise in that area.

If you’re new to making then Makeversity offer plenty of educational opportunities and inductions on all the equipment they have so you’ll know what you’re doing.

There are many unique amenities at Makeversity. These include 24/7 access, tools and equipment free to use, access to workshops, marketing schemes for your products, and much much more.

Membership options:

Makeversity offer three main types of membership.

Roaming membership, starting at £240/month, gives you a minimum of 60hrs/month access to the space. You get to use the hot desk space that they have available.

Fixed desk membership, starting at £390/month. This gives you unlimited 24/7 access to the space, including a permanent dedicated desk for you. You get unlimited workshop hours and free use on meeting rooms.

Vaults membership, starting at £3000/month, this is a membership for teams of up to 8 people. It provides you with a private studio space.

Uncommon, Liverpool Street


Uncommon is a superb coworking space that emphasises wellness in and out of the office. It is an unconventional space that will really get you focused.

The Liverpool Street location is a prestigious location focused on high-end clientele. The space has been designed incredibly well with wonderful furniture and beautiful flooring, no expense has been spared.

Uncommon’s mantra is working better, not harder. They have created the space to ensure an enjoyable working environment, the sound and lighting have been designed to inspire members. Like Second Home, Uncommon make use of plants in the space, using nature to filter the air and brighten up the space.

Members have access to gym facilities and the site offers lots of different classes to keep you active. There are standing desks so if you need to stretch your legs but can’t afford to take a break you can.

There’s plenty more amenities too, coffee shop and lounge, beautiful outdoor terrae, phone b ooths, showers, bike storage and it is a dog friendly space too.

Membership options:

Uncommon offer three types of membership. First, hot desks which start at over £500/month. Dedicated desks starting at over £600/month. Finally, private office space, which starts at £750/month per desk. Not the cheapest!


While I have managed to single these top 5 out. Many coworking spaces around the UK are equally as cool. Especially in London, there are many amazing spaces to choose from. All of them offer modern and ergonomic office spaces that create a great environment for work.

I hope you liked these office spaces as much as I did. Which is your favourite? Drop us a comment below.