7 best desk organizers to declutter your workspace

Whether you’re working from home, the office, or a coworking space, keeping your desk tidy and organized is a must.

Having nowhere to put all your stationery can be a real stress. You shouldn’t have to keep delving into drawers to find your favourite pen, it deserves its own space on your desk. Along with the rest of your most-used items.

Having a cluttered desk wastes your precious time and can lead to stress and anxiety. Similarly, it gives a poor impression to your colleagues and bosses.

Enter the desk tidy. A practical tool designed to keep your desk from looking like a bombsite but ensuring everything is right where you need it to be (and easy to find). 

Here are seven of the best, most practical, stylish, unique and interesting desk tidies out there. There’s something for everyone.

The top picks

  1. OSCO bamboo desk organizer
  2. Zhixiang desk tidy
  3. EasyPag metal desk tidy
  4. BTSKY office desk organizer
  5. AcornFort monitor stand
  6. Elephant desk organizer
  7. Tonsmile file sorter

Best desk organizer No 1 – OSCO bamboo

First up we start with a classic looking desk organizer. The OSCO desk organizer is a practical eco-friendly desk tidy.

Made out of bamboo, this desk tidy is durable as well as sustainable and recyclable.

The practicality of this product is top-notch. It has 7 different sections for you to place your stationery, including a draw for storing smaller items.

If you like a slightly different design there are three to choose from, each with slightly different features.

Overall a pretty basic, but useful design, providing great space utilisation.

Best desk organizer No 2 – Zhixiang desk tidy

Second, we have the Zhixiang desk tidy. Another classic looking desk organizer but this time with a sleek metallic mesh design.

It has three different sections for storing items. These include a tall section for your pens and pencils, a shorter section for smaller items like drawing pins and a final section with an open front.

Overall it is a stylish and sleek design with some great practical features. A good choice for those who are just looking for a traditional desk tidy.

Best desk organizer No 3 – EasyPAG metal desk tidy

Next, the EasyPAG metal desk tidy is another very practical design with some great features.

It has seven different sections for storing different kinds of stationery. It’s got a draw for all those small bits that you always end up losing.

This desk tidy has a very cool design with a choice of three different colours and some intricate detailing on the side, making it more interesting that just standard metal. Being metal, this means that this desk tidy will be durable and long-lasting, you won’t need to get a new one for while.

With lots of different sections, you can give your items their own space, making items very easy to find when you need them.

Best desk organizer No 4 – BTSKY office desk organizer

At number four on our list comes the BTSKY office desk organizer. It is another classic design with a number of different compartments and a drawer for your smaller items.

The BTSKY desk organizer is unique as the material is high-quality faux leather. This creates a more homely look and could suit our readers who work from home more. 

The use of this faux leather means the product can be offered in 6 vibrant colours, meaning there’s something to suit everyone’s preferences.

It has a great practical design with some taller compartments and some smaller ones for your various items of stationery.

Best desk organizer No 5 – AcornFort monitor stand and organizer

Now onto our fifth desk tidy, we have the AcornFort monitor stand and organizer. This design moves away from the classical desk tidy design and brings in a more innovative approach for keeping your desk tidy and organized.

Essentially the AcornFort desk tidy is a monitor stand that has a built-in drawer/tray and four compartments for storing your stationery. The stand can take up to 20kg so pretty much any size monitor. It really is quite a unique design.

It’s great because it brings up the height of your monitor and turns the space underneath into useful space. The drawer under the stand is large enough for A4 sheets, perfect if you always have papers on your desk.

For those who have smaller desks and need to take advantage of as much space as possible then this is a great option for you.

Best desk organizer No 6 – Elephant desk organizer

Next up we have the elephant desk organizer. This is a design for you animal lovers out there. While not particularly practical, the elephant desk organizer does have some redeeming features.

First, it’s in the shape of an elephant! Now that’s pretty cool if you ask me. It’s a self-assembled design, but it’s very simple to put together.

Now the second redeeming feature is that it doubles as a phone holder, and does, in fact, have a small section for holding pens and other similar sized items. 

You can rest your phone on the elephant’s trunk providing a great viewing angle if you’re watching a programme or on a video call.

Finally, the section for holding pens is quite small, but still rather useful.

All in all, this is a great little product that provides some great aesthetics on top of some practicality.

Best desk organizer No 7 – Tonsmile file sorter

Our last top desk tidy for your office. The Tonsmile file sorter. If you always deal with a lot of paper and end up with A4 sheets all over your desk in random places then this is for you.

Providing four separate levels on which to store your documents this file sorter provides great space utilisation.

It has a smart look to it and would fit in any kind of office environment. Made out of wood the Tonsmile file sorter is durable and sturdy. Filling it with lots of paper does not make it bend or wobble, which is great.


While many of these desk tidies are in fact quite similar (due to them combatting the same issue) there are still differentiating points. Whether it be unique materials, colours or styles.

We think there’s something on this list for everyone, providing a wide array of product types and looks.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading about these desk organizers and you found the one for you!